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"Sunshine Secrets" is a new book by author, Graeme Brown. As the title suggest, the book contains lots of information and anecdotes about the Sunshine Records label, Ivan Dayman the founder of the brand, the many artists involved and the venues at which they performed. 

Graeme has collected his material over a period of twenty years by thorough research and by phone interviews with many of the performers who are or were still alive, and the enthusiastic support of others who have documented or are interested in this period of rock 'n' roll in the musical history of Australia.

Check out this site and the links to social media where many people have welcomed the arrival of this volume, and buy the book online or by arrangement so that you can enjoy it yourself. 


The "secrets" are the inside stories and verbatim anecdotes that the author has garnered which have previously not been published in one place. Other books by Graeme Brown are "Little Patti" and "Saturday Date". The blog page is available for more info and comments.



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