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The author of "Sunshine Secrets", Graeme Brown lives in Townsville with his family, and has had a long career teaching. Graeme enjoys watching NRL football, kayaking and traveling the world. He also has an impressive record collection which just keeps growing.

Graeme's passion over the past 20 years or so has been researching and writing about the Australian rock and pop industry, with the help of other enthusiasts who have written extensively in this area.  Over the years he has chatted with many of the artists and people involved in the industry over the years, gathering first hand accounts.  


"Sunshine Secrets" is Graeme's first major work on one of Australia’s iconic early record labels. He investigates the origins of the Sunshine record label including a large treatise about the label’s creator Ivan Dayman, as well as biographies of each artist that recorded on the label. Graeme has included a full discographical listing of every release, adding information about chart achievements throughout Australia.

This is a much shorter book than "Sunshine Secrets" but is the result of careful research and many phone conversations with the artist.

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Once again, this book is shorter than the new book but is thoroughly researched, focusing on two of the artists from the time.

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